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~ Tuesday, May 1 ~


Usher feat Rick Ross - Lemme See

Get it x HeReReReRe

EDIT. I’m sooooooooo disappointed. I mean it’s alrighttttt (after a 4th listen) it still sounds like Jim Jonsin used a left over mix from his studio session with Kelly Rowland on “Motivation”… 
and left the catchier hook on Kelly’s track. :(

I was soooooo excited for Usher’s new album after Climax (thank you Diplo) but after the release of "Scream" (which i did after listening! In pain at the torture of Usher makin tracks with lyrics like Get you going like ah-ooh ,Baby baby ooh baby baby,Ah-ooh baby baby ooh babylike really Ush? )

after such a brilliant start. *sigh*

All my hopes of Usher maintstreaming that new indie/alt R&B sound have gone EDIT: are slowly going out the window. ( he said he’s takin risks on this album ya’ll.. i’m hoping there are more gems on the LP, Read it x HeReReRe)

*going to listen to Frank Ocean now*

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~ Monday, April 23 ~

*Updated …AGAIN!* Mixtape: A Sprinkle of PBR&B … Vol.1 -

From Wikipedia.Org … 

PBR&B and R-Neg-B are terms to describe the emerging music genre of alternative hip hop soul

The genre is exemplified mostly by Frank OceanThe WeekndTheophilus London, and Drake

I give you… 

A Sprinkle of PBR&B…Vol.1 - The Mixtape 


*updated . .  again*  Get it - Right Here

EDIT: April 22nd 6:43pm - I updated the link, it’s no longer corrupt!

EDIT: April 23rd 11:54pm - ok i dunno what’s wrong but i uploaded it and tested it by downloading it again and it should work.. let me know if it doesnt

Frank Ocean, Usher, James Blake, AlunaGeorge, Lianne La Havas, Yuna, Melanie Fiona, Citizen Cope, Rhye, Rahassan Patterson, Boom Clap Bachelors, Coco O, D’angelo, A1, Miguel, Erykah Badu, The Seshen


01 - Novacane

02 - Climax

03 - Oblivion

04 - Thinkin’ Bout You

05 - The Wilhelm Scream

06 - 4 AM

07 - Let the Drummer Kick

08 - Live Your Life

09 - Open

10 - Lovin’ Me 4 Me

11 - Window Seat

12 - You Know You Like It

13 - Crazy ( Juicy )

14 - Adorn

15 - Lob Stop Sta

16 - Left & Right

17 - I’m a Boss (cover)

18 - Forget



p.s. that pic took me all of 5 mins to make so no throwin shade on it… it has feelings :-/

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~ Sunday, April 22 ~


frank ocean - thinkin’ bout you 

Was not expecting that at all! :-o .. :D nice guitar arrangement. very pretty voice.  you should totally post a full version of the song!

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Major Lazer + Dirty Projectors = maaagggicccccc

Major Lazer feat Amber from Dirty Projectors - Get Free


reggae + synthpop +diplo + dirty projectors + rhythmic genius = just.magic ya’ll.

no more words. just happiness. :-D

Get it x HERE

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Jeremih - Go to the Mo

Get it x HERE

Damn. I’ve never been a fan of this kid. but this song is kindaaaa sIck with it. influenced by The Weeknd ?? Maybe.

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I got a thing for black girls …

Chester French - Black Girls


This ain’t no fetish, ain’t objectifying no one

I reject your deconstruction of my taste
But ignoramus always look in my direction
They’re so frustrated I don’t keep it in the race
Like they’ve never seen this before
Like it’s 1954
But the whole world’s turning brown and who cares

I’ve got a thing for black girls
La, la la la la, la la, la la la la la
Yeah, my mom says
I’ve got a thing for black girls
La, la la la la, la la, la la la la la
You know I got some love for black girls
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Where’s all the love for black girls

Welllll nowwwwwwwww

:-D … cannot stop making THAT face… 


this ish is trending on twitter…………



Note: Chester French is an American indie pop band consisting of lead vocalist and songwriter David-Andrew ‘D.A.’ Wallach and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Maxwell Drummey. They are signed to Pharrell of The Neptunes Star Trak record label.

Read about them here X Chester French WIKIPEDIA


Edit: Okay after second and third viewing, I wish it had not been such a sexual proclamation of love for black women. because as a re-blogger noted it does bring to mind an impermanence and fad “chocolate fantasy”  (ya’ll have to know that is not new ground.. ie the ooh i’ve never been with a [insert a visible minority group] girl before] and the over-sexualization of black women is nothing new. trust me. However, the lyrics denote none of that connotation and ain’t nothing wrong with celebrating black women…..so it’s possible i may be sensitive to this based on a recent Swedesh incident. Food for thought though. food for thought, as this song could definitely have been given a number of  video treatments to showcase “black girls”.

Tags: Rnb african american women black black girls black women chester chester french discrimination ethnic girls ethnic love for your ears french hip hop i've got a thing for black girls interracial interracial dating loving mixed mixed babies music prejudice racism rock soul sounds trending video youtube interracial romance black love
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~ Friday, April 20 ~

Don’t funk with ThEESatisfaction - “QueenS”

" Don’t funk with my groove. You beta bring yo’self"


ThEESatisfaction is their name. AwENaturalE is their new 2012 album.

If you haven’t heard of em. take a listen. one of my favorite  new 2012 bands next to “The Seshen" ( they’ll be up on the blog soon as well)

they are: experimental.hip hop.soul.jazz.disco.funk.R&B. 

similar to : erykah badu.shabazz places.TV on the Radio.Gil Scot-Heron.Andre 3000. Four Tet. etc.

But they are all their own TBH. if all the artists above got together that would maybe make ThEESatisfaction’s kind of groove. one of my favorite albums. I’ll post more gems soon. 

for now enjoy their single “QueenS”

Get it X Hereeee (right click + save-as)

Watch the new vid below:

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~ Tuesday, April 17 ~

Sean Blackthorn - One Night


Toronto Native. ( boooyakah!) 

Beautiful Beautiful PBR&B in the vain of Ocean/TheWeeknd.


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