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~ Tuesday, May 1 ~


Usher feat Rick Ross - Lemme See

Get it x HeReReReRe

EDIT. I’m sooooooooo disappointed. I mean it’s alrighttttt (after a 4th listen) it still sounds like Jim Jonsin used a left over mix from his studio session with Kelly Rowland on “Motivation”… 
and left the catchier hook on Kelly’s track. :(

I was soooooo excited for Usher’s new album after Climax (thank you Diplo) but after the release of "Scream" (which i did after listening! In pain at the torture of Usher makin tracks with lyrics like Get you going like ah-ooh ,Baby baby ooh baby baby,Ah-ooh baby baby ooh babylike really Ush? )

after such a brilliant start. *sigh*

All my hopes of Usher maintstreaming that new indie/alt R&B sound have gone EDIT: are slowly going out the window. ( he said he’s takin risks on this album ya’ll.. i’m hoping there are more gems on the LP, Read it x HeReReRe)

*going to listen to Frank Ocean now*

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~ Sunday, April 22 ~


frank ocean - thinkin’ bout you 

Was not expecting that at all! :-o .. :D nice guitar arrangement. very pretty voice.  you should totally post a full version of the song!

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Major Lazer + Dirty Projectors = maaagggicccccc

Major Lazer feat Amber from Dirty Projectors - Get Free


reggae + synthpop +diplo + dirty projectors + rhythmic genius = just.magic ya’ll.

no more words. just happiness. :-D

Get it x HERE

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Jeremih - Go to the Mo

Get it x HERE

Damn. I’ve never been a fan of this kid. but this song is kindaaaa sIck with it. influenced by The Weeknd ?? Maybe.

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