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~ Tuesday, April 24 ~

Mara Hoffman. $227.00 ea.

is it possibly to fall in love with such small pieces of fabric? 

*sigh*. too late.

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~ Sunday, April 22 ~

The Lady (2011)

I was dyin’ to watch this at TIFF 2011 but this got sold out pretty quickly :-/ and now its in my Usenet movie queue 

I can’t tell you how much I love Usenet.. I would almost thank Megaupload for takin’ my yearly membership money only 1 week before they got arrested and in the process givin me the most traumatic experience in my short life.

Yah ok.that shit was UPSETTING. so I will NOT be thankin them.

Usenet has allowed me to make peace however, so I can afford to be magnanimous now. 

I’ll edit with a short review when I watch it !

The Lady (2011) 

The Lady

 **Aung San Suu Kyi is one my heroes, very excited this film was made and by Luc Besson ( The Fifth Element, The Professional) no less! 

Who:  directed by Luc Besson

With: Michelle Yeoh 


This is the story of Aung San Suu Kyi and her husband, Michael Aris. Despite distance, long separations, and a dangerously hostile regime, their love endures until the very end. A story of devotion and human understanding set against a background of political turmoil which continues today. THE LADY also is the story of the peaceful quest of the woman who is at the core of Burma’s democracy movement.

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Major Lazer + Dirty Projectors = maaagggicccccc

Major Lazer feat Amber from Dirty Projectors - Get Free


reggae + synthpop +diplo + dirty projectors + rhythmic genius = just.magic ya’ll.

no more words. just happiness. :-D

Get it x HERE

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~ Wednesday, April 18 ~

Azealia Banks - Fuck up the Fun

A Banks


I am officially on the Azealia Banks wagon…. thanks Diplo. 

get it x HERE

 don’t fuck wit ya bitch when the rum in her punch
i might dance on these n***** wit the gun in tha’ butt
the gold jimmies, lil’ mirror, lil’ son in the clutch
just don’t slip up lil’ n****, put the sun in ya nuts

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Oh my.

Oh my.my.my

:-o. This is not a beautiful people blog I swear. (cause what would I know about all that?!)

But it could turn out to be a *takes deep breath* “ohmygodthisdudeisfrickinbeautiful andddddd totallylooksasianbutisbrazilianandhecouldtotallygetitnahwhaimean”… kinda blog …

just once in awhile anywayz.

Full Name:
Luiz Paulo

Dark Brown
187cm / 6′2″

Place of Origin:
Santa Catarina, Brazil

Date of Birth:
August 23 1989

Scouted by a photographer in Santa Catarina, Brazil, Luiz has all the attributes we have come to expect from the boys of that part of the world – a beautiful exoticism, fabulous body, an ease in front of the camera, and a good dose of that old South American charm. Luiz definitely embodies everything we love about Brazil!

Sidebar: Did you see that birthdate?? :-| I’m.going.to.hell.

Thanks to @modelsofcolor.tumblr.com for the discovery.

(Source: modelsofcolor)

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~ Tuesday, April 17 ~

Ikea “Uppleva” = Frickin Genius!!


Let me introduce you to my new HDTV and whole bunch of other awesome $%#@!!%&* system. (thanks @techcrunch)

Do you really need further convincing???!!?!?! However just in case, see below:

1080p LED LCD screen.
400Hz response time.
All in one.
BluRay/DVD/CD player Speakers.
No cables.
A beauty.

Launches in Stockholm, Milan, Paris, Gdansk, and Berlin in June 2012. & Sweden, Italy, France, Poland, Denmark, Spain, Norway, and Portugal with a more broad launch following in 2013. 


I.Want.It. Wonder how much it will retail for? and the colors?!?! oooooh I bet there’lll be colors!

I see no mention of Canada. “Ikea do.not.test.me.” >:-/

(Source: TechCrunch)

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