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~ Tuesday, May 1 ~


Usher feat Rick Ross - Lemme See

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EDIT. I’m sooooooooo disappointed. I mean it’s alrighttttt (after a 4th listen) it still sounds like Jim Jonsin used a left over mix from his studio session with Kelly Rowland on “Motivation”… 
and left the catchier hook on Kelly’s track. :(

I was soooooo excited for Usher’s new album after Climax (thank you Diplo) but after the release of "Scream" (which i did after listening! In pain at the torture of Usher makin tracks with lyrics like Get you going like ah-ooh ,Baby baby ooh baby baby,Ah-ooh baby baby ooh babylike really Ush? )

after such a brilliant start. *sigh*

All my hopes of Usher maintstreaming that new indie/alt R&B sound have gone EDIT: are slowly going out the window. ( he said he’s takin risks on this album ya’ll.. i’m hoping there are more gems on the LP, Read it x HeReReRe)

*going to listen to Frank Ocean now*

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Chief Keef Featuring Kanye West, Pusha T, Jadakiss, Big Sean - I Don’t Like (Remix) 

I am on a quest for dope hip hop apparently.. next track will be different genre.cross my heart hope to fly.

Yeezy has remixed fellow Chi-Town native Chief Keef’s local smash… I actually only heard the original a few weeks ago and couldn’t help bobbin’ my head and repeatin’

"That’s that shit I Don’t Like!" … seriously.you can say it after everything….for example..

 ” saw a girl side eyein’ me on the ttc like she wan’ fightThat’s that shit I dont like

LoLOLOLOL.. ahhhhhhh too funny. cause it’s true.

Anyway this remix is officiallllllyyy BUCKKKKKKK. enjoy!

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danny brown - grown up

Danny Brown - Grown Up

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Rushing at a kid just to be grown up
Whoever thought I’d be the greatest growing up

Ahhhhhhhhhhh lovin this! It’s been on replay, definitely a laid back summer track, Reminds me of  Pharcyde  or Souls of Mischef …and you know how I get when shit gets Old School. :-o

Danny Brown is one of my faves, his frenetic delivery is dope.. he’s part of the up and comin’  generation of rappers, joining Kendrick Lamar ( words cannot express how dope this dude is ..”Cartoons & Cereal” just.listen.to.it) and A$AP Rocky & Childish Gambino ( of the Yeezy variety …)

If You haven’t yet listen to Danny Brown’s 2011 LP -  XXX … seriously. listen to it. it’s insane can’t believe he’s not on a major label yet. must be by choice.

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2 Chainz feat Drizzy - No Lie

2 Chainz feat Drake - No Lie

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My Take: I mean. it’s okayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  maybe a few more spins?? but you know…. Drake stanz will go crazy regardless … so it will get radio play.. plus ‘Chainz’ is already on like every other track right now.:-/

2 Chainz

Tauheed Epps (born September 10, 1976), better known by his stage name 2 Chainz, formerly known as Tity Boi orWain Beezy, is an American rapper from College Park, Georgia. He was previously signed to Ludacrisrecord labelDisturbing tha Peace with Dolla Boy as Playaz Circle. He is currently signed to Def Jam.

(Source: pinboardblog.com / PinBoardBlog)

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~ Sunday, April 22 ~

Kanye West featuring DJ Khaled - Way Too Cold *Video*


FYI: this song was called “theraflu” but ‘Ye had to change the name cause he couldn’t get clearance…ALSO… besides his ex-fiance Alexis..  I just have to say Yeezy’s taste in women is severely suspect :-/ … 


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*My chain hits my chest when I’m bangin’ on the dashboard *


M.I.A. Featuring Busta Rhymes - Bad Girls ( Official Remix )

Get it X HERE

Ahhhhhhhhhh I miss this Busta… he just needs to get a little closer to the "Woo Hah" Bus a Bus we all know and love ( don’t act like you don’t remember!)… miss that busta.. :-/.

anddddddddd just In case you forgot . .. .


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~ Wednesday, April 18 ~

Azealia Banks - Fuck up the Fun

A Banks


I am officially on the Azealia Banks wagon…. thanks Diplo. 

get it x HERE

 don’t fuck wit ya bitch when the rum in her punch
i might dance on these n***** wit the gun in tha’ butt
the gold jimmies, lil’ mirror, lil’ son in the clutch
just don’t slip up lil’ n****, put the sun in ya nuts

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