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~ Tuesday, May 1 ~

Chief Keef Featuring Kanye West, Pusha T, Jadakiss, Big Sean - I Don’t Like (Remix) 

I am on a quest for dope hip hop apparently.. next track will be different genre.cross my heart hope to fly.

Yeezy has remixed fellow Chi-Town native Chief Keef’s local smash… I actually only heard the original a few weeks ago and couldn’t help bobbin’ my head and repeatin’

"That’s that shit I Don’t Like!" … seriously.you can say it after everything….for example..

 ” saw a girl side eyein’ me on the ttc like she wan’ fightThat’s that shit I dont like

LoLOLOLOL.. ahhhhhhh too funny. cause it’s true.

Anyway this remix is officiallllllyyy BUCKKKKKKK. enjoy!

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danny brown - grown up

Danny Brown - Grown Up

Get it x HeReReReRe

Rushing at a kid just to be grown up
Whoever thought I’d be the greatest growing up

Ahhhhhhhhhhh lovin this! It’s been on replay, definitely a laid back summer track, Reminds me of  Pharcyde  or Souls of Mischef …and you know how I get when shit gets Old School. :-o

Danny Brown is one of my faves, his frenetic delivery is dope.. he’s part of the up and comin’  generation of rappers, joining Kendrick Lamar ( words cannot express how dope this dude is ..”Cartoons & Cereal” just.listen.to.it) and A$AP Rocky & Childish Gambino ( of the Yeezy variety …)

If You haven’t yet listen to Danny Brown’s 2011 LP -  XXX … seriously. listen to it. it’s insane can’t believe he’s not on a major label yet. must be by choice.

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